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2014 Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act Status: Extended

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*Check with your tax professional about a possible extension of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act for 2015


Senate Bill No.429.

Why You Need To Avoid Foreclosure.

Short Sale Approvals  

We work closely with sellers, buyers, and real estate agents as well as title companies to facilitate, negotiate and finalize the short sale transaction. The firm also works with the sellers and the agent to obtain, process, and furnish short sale packages and other required information to the seller's lender(s). Our firm currently has two locations: St.Louis and Chicago. We are licensed and have successfully closed short sale negotiations in both Missouri and Illinois. We are a group of dedicated professionals including lawyers and file managers who handle, coordinate, and work all required lender approvals to finalize your short sale transaction.  Kayser & Associates Short Sale Law Center's team consists of legal, tax and real estate professionals who have joined forces.  We provide you with the most experienced short sale professionals.  Individuals who have made it their focus to help you eliminate your mortgage debt as fast as possible and minimize any impact to your credit.


Avoid foreclosure at all costs.  Know your alternatives. 

AVOID foreclosure on your record. Avoiding foreclosure should be your absolute top priority. By saving your credit, you won't have to experience the frustration of trying to get a future mortgage, rent a nice house or apartment, or even get a fair insurance quote when you have severely damaged credit. Damaged credit will limit where you can move. Landlords and lenders will look closely at your ability to keep up with your financial obligations.

Your lender retains the right to come after you for any balance still owed should the proceeds of the foreclosure sale fail to satisfy the debt in full!


Mortgage applications currently ask if you've EVER had a foreclosure.

You'll have to say "YES" for the rest of your life… unless you avoid it right now by discovering your options and taking positive action today. Contact Kayser and Associates now, and let a local St Louis short sale attorney give you a better option. Don't file bankruptcy just to stop a foreclosure. Bankruptcy does not stop a foreclosure. It only delays it. You cannot avoid foreclosure by filing bankruptcy.


Beware of These Serious Red-Flag Situations

  • You are asked to sign over the title to your property
  • You are told there is a fee for the service and the company is not a law firm
  • You are told there is a buyer for your property, even though it isn't listed yet

  • These are all signs that someone isn't looking out for your best interests. You want to work with professionals who are in business to serve you.



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